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How to Place Stop Loss Profit Target

algorithmic trading strategy ideas

In this post we’ll cover sell stop limits, sell stops, buy stop limits, buy stops, as well as techniques and tips on how to effectively place them in any kind of market.

Swing Trading Strategy

swing trading strategies and tactics

In this blog post we will introduce you to the swing trading itself, swing strategies and techniques without hyperbolizing potential returns.

Learn Algorithmic Trading

learn about algo trading

Algorithmic trading is a concept that is employed most often in online trading today. The process for algorithmic trading involves having a set pattern with clearly defined trading instructions for a particular trading platform.

Quant Savvy Feedback

Algorithmic Trading Analysis

We welcome all Quant Savvy feedback. Be it from potential users or existing users. We are curious to hear from you anything related to algorithmic trading, topics can include: What other information you would like to see on the website Questions you feel we should address regarding our algorithmic trading systems Current trading experience Difficulty […]

Why You Need to Use Alternative Data

Trading Return On Investment

It is estimated that asset managers are currently spending $2-3 billion on alternative data, including acquiring datasets, implementing big data technology, and hiring talent. Spending is projected to grow 10-20% annually, in line with big data growth in other industries.

Fibonacci Daytrading

Algorithmic trading

Nearly all day traders have heard of the Fibonacci extensions or fib time cycles. In this article, we will outline correct methods to use Fibonacci Extensions to find trend reversal price levels.