best day trading platform

Best Day Trading Platform

Interactive Brokers vs TradeStation vs eSignal vs Amibroker vs NinjaTrader
algorithmic futures trading systems

Algorithmic Trading Software Reviews – Tradestation vs Multicharts vs NinjaTrader

One question many traders ask is “what the best algorithmic trading software is to use?”. At Quant Savvy we have tried nearly all principal brokers compatible with both Multicharts, Ninjatrader and Tradestation, we are positioned perfectly to give you the best data and insight into real live trading comparisons.
Human versus artificial intellegence

Is Your Brain to Blame for Poor Investment Returns? Investment Psychology of Underperforming Investors

Emotions is the dominant factor for the average investor, instead of staying invested for the long run, they tend to buy high and sell low.
futures trading risk management stops

Do We Need Stops with Algo Systems?

Every day traders and system traders have always been told to use some type of stop.
Drawdown is misleading metric

Drawdown is Misleading Metric in Futures Trading

In my experience, drawdown can be one of the most misleading metrics when analysing system performance.
Algorithmic trading during volatility

Algorithmic Trading During Volatility Spike

How to manage trading risks during volatile period
Day trading strategies

Second Day Gap Day Trading Strategy

If you are having difficulty finding an edge or need a little guidance where to start then read the following post.