Annual Pricing

Pay an annual fee per unit traded, every Micro contract (10 Micro Contract equal 1 Emini) is $ 242. Choose the position size you want to trade relative to the example starting capital; you can adjust this at any time. No monthly fixed fees. We pay for your server, hardware & software.  We pay for server maintenance and software monitoring!

Notes: what is a Micro contract? A Micro contract is 1/10 the size of previous e-mini contracts – education link

Crude Oil system – you can trade 5 times your subscription size.

Max Contract Size User Wants to TradeExample Starting Capital on Contracts TradedAnnual Fee
3 Micro$ 15,000$ 728
4 Micro$ 20,000$ 970
6 Micro$ 30,000$ 1,455
8 Micro$ 40,000$ 1,940
1 Emini$ 50,000$ 2,425
1 Emini + 5 Micro$ 75,000$ 3,638
2 Emini$ 100,000$ 4,850
3 Emini$ 150,000$ 7,275
4 Emini$ 200,000$ 9,700
6 Emini$ 300,000$ 14,550
10 Emini$ 500,000$ 24,250

> $500k – call to discuss with Quant Savvy team

Increase Position Size at Any Time

Example: User starts with 15k and pays the annual fee. On the second month, they increase to $50k and trade max of 1 Emini contract. Fees: $2,425 – $728 (already paid fee) – this will be charged on a pro-rata basis to expire with the initial annual subscription, the fee to pay to increase position size is $1,494 as shown below.

Start Date to End DateContract Size on Initial CapitalAnnual Fee Already PaidPosition Size IncreaseNew Contract Size with new Capital LevelFees Pro RataFees to Pay Calculation
1st Jan 2020 to 31st Dec 20213 Micro Contracts with $ 15,000$ 7281st Feb 20211 Emini Contract with $50,00011 Months($ 202 per month * 11 months) minus $ 728 original fee paid = $ 1,494

Popular Brokers

Choose a broker, we highly recommend Tradestation or Interactive Brokers. Other brokers include OEC/Futures Online, Dorman Trading, AMP Futures, and many more brokers.  We provide you with your own Virtual Server located in Chicago/NewYork near the exchanges thereby giving you the fastest speeds for orders. Server hosting details. We have no affiliation with any broker

Data Fees: Free

Commission: Emini CBOT,CME $5.50 Roundturn, Micro CME $1.44 , NYMEX QM $5.44 Roundturn, NYMEX CL $6.04 Roundturn

Review: Stable platform, best trading fills and no costs.

Link: TS Select

Software Cost: Free (TS Select)

Data Fees: $10 per month

Commission: Emini CBOT,CME $4.20 Roundturn, Micro CME $1.44 , NYMEX QM $4.14 Roundturn, NYMEX CL $4.74 Roundturn

Review: Biggest electronic broker. Very stable and best commissions.

Link: Interactive Brokers, Multicharts Free Trial

Software Cost: Requires Multicharts Subscription ($83 per month).

Users trading more than 1 Emini Contract Quant Savvy will provide Multicharts for free.

Quant Savvy systems are compatible with numerous brokers, including OEC, Interactive Brokers, AMP, Tradestation, Dorman Trading, Futures Online etc.

See the list of other compatible brokers: Multicharts brokers.

You use your own broker so you have the complete day to day control over your own account. Don’t give away this control to an underperforming fund manager as they will often tie you up for a year or two; we believe every investor should have access to their money at any time!

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