RLS2 Portable Radar/Laser Detector with GPS Radar Detectors

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  • The RLS2 will reject alerts from traffic flow sensors usually encountered during highway driving.
  • Offers multiple ways to silence alerts, including automatic volume reduction.
  • Adjust the intensity of the display depending on the time of day or your visual preference.
  • Everything you need to install the RLS2 is included: Fully-adjustable windshield mounting bracket with suction cups, a standard coiled power cord with 12V outlet adapter, and a straight power cord for a custom hardwired installation.
  • Great looking and easy to read, day or night. Easily adjust the brightness to suit your driving environment. Default display shows your filter setting, compass direction, and speed reading.

RLS2 Portable Radar/Laser Detector with GPS RLS2 Portable Radar/Laser Detector with GPS

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