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Algorithmic Trading - Effortless Trading Investments


As financial securities become increasingly complex, new breed of rocket scientists have grown to price these complex mathematical models and enhance them to generate profits and reduce risk. These experts are know as quantitative analysts, or "Quants".Quants are the Goose that laid the golden eggs for Wall Street, once quietly guarded, we are breaking free to equip the retail investors with the same technology and levelling the playing field.


Our Quant Trading experts expose inefficiencies in markets using sophisticated computerised algorithms which generate huge gains for investors. At Quant Savvy we have been successfully trading futures and commodities markets for over a decade. With algorithmic trading we say if you can't quantify your edge then you don't have one. If you can't measure risk then you can't manage your risk. Tips from any human discretionary fund is useless, non-quants cannot differentiate luck from skill.


All daytrading systems are based on finding a fundamental truth about the market. We define rules which seek best to model repeatable non-random behaviour.

  • Algo trading collects data on order flow and model behaviour of other algorithms, once a participant tips one's hand your algo trading strategy takes advantage.
  • Investors love trend/momentum following but have to wait months to profit. On a day trading level the same market trends exist, your algo trading strategy determine when is the best probability of catching a strong trend.

Volatility is not new, the idea "this has never happened before" is wrong. When the irrational swamps the rational and fear grips the markets most players freeze. These periods are when algorithmic trading excels, cool and emotionless they remain unfazed.

Algo trading is using proprietary statistical measures to create an edge. Each trade we make has a positive expectancy and edge, we trade with confidence knowing each trade has probability of success heavily in your favour. See our winning daytrading strategy: Serenity Bot

Algorithmic Trading Effortless Trading Investments   HOW YOUR HIGH FREQUENCY TRADING SOFTWARE IS DESIGNED

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