6 months



On this subscription Client will pay only $5280 and can trade up-to a max of 5 contracts. Hence, a client trading 5 contracts for Synergy Bot works out as $176 monthly per contract traded.


However, this is performance based so if net monthly profit does not exceed the monthly fee of $880 then the Client gets the next month for free every time.


Ideal for accounts larger than $50k initial capital.





On this subscription Client will pay only $9500 and can trade up to a max of 10 contracts. Hence, a clients trading 10 contracts for Synergy Bot works out as $79 monthly per contract traded.


This is performance based so if net monthly profit does not exceed the monthly fee of $791 then Client gets the next month for free every time.


This is ideal for account larger than $50k initial capital.






Example: total yearly fee to trade entire Synergy Bot portfolio with a single contract would be $3000. So net profit after fees in 2016 would be $47,092.

The fees in 2016 worked out to only 5.99% of overall profits.


The monthly net gain on a single contract was $3924. You only need to make $250 per contract to be profitable which makes this investment affordable for individuals even with small accounts.


A Client can trade as many contracts as they want on this subscription plan.

performance based trading

Our goal is long term profitable relationships with all our clients.


We need to grow your account so you can increase position size (the fees are fixed). To do this we need to make you money which is what we do best!


Don't be an investment dinosaur, all the Smart money is using algo systems. Stop giving money to greedy under-performing hedge funds and level the playing field by using our savvy systems.


Some Information and Examples


  • Example: a new Client has $15k initial capital and wants to use Synergy Bot. He wants to trade on the month to month subscription. In this situation, Client pays $250 and trades 1 contract per system (there are 12 systems in the Synergy Bot portfolio). He trades all systems and we usually average 2 to 3 trades per day all systems combined. This is good for small accounts as its cheap and affordable to get started.


  • The Client has a larger account of $100k and wants the 6-month subscription for Synergy Bot. Client pays $5280 and wants to trade 1 contract for every $20k of capital he has - in this case, the Client will trade 5 contracts. Under 6-month subscription, you can trade up to 5 contracts for this fixed price. All 12 systems in the Synergy Bot portfolio will be traded with 5 contracts. The Clients monthly fee per contract is therefore $5280 / 6 months / 5 contracts = $176 per contract. Moreover, the Client will get an extra month free every-time the net profit does not exceed their monthly fee.


  • Using 2016 as an example - the Synergy Bot made $50,092 per contract. Therefore, the first Client trading the month to month subscription would have paid total $250 * 12 months = $3000 annual fee. Net profit is $47,092.  Fees accounted for 5.99% of system profit.


  • The second Client paid $5280 six month performance based subscription. Client traded 5 contracts and Synergy Bot made money every month in 2016 and even the weakest month made $240 per contract (which exceeds the clients fee value of $176). Total fees paid was two subscriptions for 6 months = $10,560. Systems profit is $50,092 * 5 contracts = total $250,460. Therefore, Net Gain after fees = $239,900. Fees accounted for 4.22% of system profit.


  • One contract traded on each algorithm (1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1 = 12 total) per $15,000. Rarely will more than 4 systems trade on the same day.

automated trading

70% of volume is algorithmic

Unrivaled service and customer support - we provide in-depth monthly performance reviews and expected future performance.


Peace of mind as you run your own account, and have your own broker - this means there is no time commitment - stop and start when you want.  We also provide hosting your system on our servers.

exceptional results

Low risk and high returns

We want clients to be 100% satisfied with any daytrading strategy they purchase. Hence, we make all our longer term subscriptions performance based only.


We have our clients best interests at heart, we want our clients to succeed as that is a mutually beneficial relationship. When you succeed we succeed.

best solution

100% hands free investing

Investors love Quant Savvy because we simply offer the best solution to algorithmic trading. Other vendors cannot match our performance or our prices.


Have complete control, use our systems but use your own broker. Be your own boss and take back control from under performing hedge funds and money managers.

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