Is Quant Savvy a new to the web scene?

Quant Savvy has been providing large private investors automated systems for over a decade. However, with new technology making it more and more affordable for retail traders to have their own automated system, we have made the push to provide this software to retail clients and small money managers to level the playing field with the greedy under-performing hedge funds.

After i subscribe what happens next?

You choose a compatible broker (see below).  If you host on Quant Savvy servers you do not have to do anything but login to your server any time to view your winning system. We will setup an individual VPS for you and you will log in to your platform and we will connect the systems. 100% support is provided every day.

Alternatively, you can choose a 3rd party broker we work with and they will setup everything for you and trade our systems live 100% hands-free.


Multicharts & Tradestation are the best-automated trading software. Multicharts has the ability to connect to multiple brokers and is cost effective. Your system is loaded into Multicharts/Tradestation which then connects to your broker. System signals are generated automatically which transmits orders in real time to your Broker.


If you choose to use our recommended 3rd party broker then you will not need this software as they will place every trade for you as they are a registered US broker.

Which brokers are compatible with Quant Savvy systems?

How do the systems trade and place automatic orders with my broker?

Your Quant Savvy systems are loaded into Multicharts/Tradestation automated software. The systems generate trading orders automatically which are then transmitted in real time to your broker. The broker then executes the orders. Each system will manage all aspects of the trade for you automatically, from entry to exit.

The systems are dynamic and not static meaning they react to live data coming into the market. Before any trade is placed the systems calculate the risk and expected payoff and will always have dynamic stops and targets in place.

How do i setup my systems so i can view trades made on a chart?

Many of our clients are day traders so they like to view systems running on a chart in real time. In Multicharts/Tradestation you can easily run your system on live charts. You will be able to see your system live trading positions, open profit and loss and also the ability to manually exit positions. It is like viewing somebody else trade for you.


We setup your server which you can log in to 24/7, there you can see all trades and orders easily and which systems are trading in an organized manner on one screen.


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