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Algorithmic Trading

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Selecting Your Algorithmic Trading Strategies


Bountiful Choice for Algo Trading Software

There are numerous options available. Contact us and we can help you put together the right portfolio based on your trading style or longer term portfolio.

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Smart Investment Solutions

Sophisticated investment technology. Algorithms dominate the markets of today, you can too.

What We Offer

Quant Savvy gives you unique algorithmic trading strategies to purchase. Please select Serenity Bot to see a breakdown of performance analysis.

Complete Analysis Reports

Below we have full analysis reports for the Serenity Bot. We provide as much information as possible so you can make the perfect choice. Click for system reports.

Diversify Your Daytrading Portfolio

Create a winning portfolio of systems so as to keep a smooth equity curve and reduce your risk. Serenity Bot performs well in volatile and dull markets. Serenity Bot provides smooth equity curve as it is designed for every market condition and is equally hedged long and short.

Hedge Your Existing Portfolio

Serenity Bot trades positions both long and short. Each position is completely unique and uncorrelated.

Automated trading software facts

Automated Trading Software Facts


Profit Factor

The profit per unit of risk. This is most important metric of any system Serenity Bot: PF -   2.08

Multiple Futures Markets

Once considered only for the professionals, we make you money on the lucrative and deeply liquid futures and commodity markets

Automated Trading Software

Run the strategy on and leave the room. Full automation means machines do the work. No need to stress or stare at charts all day

Small Drawdown

Measures amount of risk incurred by a strategy. Serenity Bot has only 3.06% drawdown over nearly 7 years. This includes credit crisis of 2008

No Overnight Positions

Only day trading systems only, means no black swan or worrying about unexpected new overnight.

Full Backtest Reports

We provide full backtest reports from our software, so nothing is hidden from user.

Make an informed decision by looking at the facts

Hedged Strategy

We offer Serenity Bot daytrading strategy. Low risk high return algo trading system hedged long and short.

Uncorrelated Algorithmic Trading

See analysis reports on your Serenity bot and see that your daytrades are completely independent and uncorrelated.

High Frequency Trading Software Details


We trade futures markets only. All system day trade only.

  • Emini: YM (dow), NQ (nasdaq), ES (s&p500) and TF (russel)
  • CL (crude oil)

Algo Trading Details

Serenity Bot can be traded with as little as $15,000 account size.

We recommend Serenity Bot as the ultimate investing system.

Low Risk, High Returns, Day
Trade only, 100% automated.

Trades are taken during regular Real Trade Hours on ES/YM/NQ and TF. On CL we trade from 8am - 1pm US Central time.

See system reports below. Select the system to see pricing and other details. All analysis reports are accurate and produced using Multicharts software.

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