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June 06.2015

Since 1992, Shanghai Composite Index capped its steepest

3-week dip as steps to shore up Chinese equities failed in attempt

to cease margin traders from unwinding stances at a record rate.


  • Benchmark equity step declined 5.8% to 3,686.92
  • Extended losses to 29% since its June 12th peak



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May 24.2015

Day trading for a living can be one of the most fulfilling things a person can do. However, it can also be one of the hardest. Advice for day trading prospects.

  • Current Day Traders Advice
  • Why Individuals Want To Day Trade For A Living
  • What To Expect When You Full Time Day Trade?
  • Only Trade With What You Can Afford To Lose
  • Is It Worth The Stress And Steep Learning Curve?

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May 24.2015

Nearly all day traders have heard of the Fibonacci extensions or fib time cycles.  In this article we will outline correct methods to use Fibonacci Extensions to find trend reversal price levels.

  • Elliot Wave and Fibonacci Levels
  • Market Fractal Waves
  • Applying Fibonacci Extensions for Trend Projections
  • Improving the Odds of Reversal in A Trend
  • Chart Mysticism

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March 12.2015

If you are having difficulty finding an edge or need a little guidance where to start then read the following post. Here we give you an example futures trading edge:

  • We evaluate a mean reversion trading strategy
  • We work on and find a new angle to our original hypothesis
  • Modify the risk to reward on each trade and turn a losing system into a winning one.


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March 3.2015

Algo trading can be part machine trading alongside human intervention, or it can be fully automated trading software – which requires only to be switched on and takes all trades autonomously.

  • What is considering Algorithmic Trading?
  • Advantages of Algorithmic Trading
  • how do we Begin Learning to become a Quant Trading expert?
  • So How do I find an Algorithmic Trading Strategy?


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What is Algorithmic Trading

Feb 25.2015

As financial securities become increasingly complex, new breed of rocket scientists have grown to price these complex mathematical models. These experts are know as quantitative analysts:

  • Quant Trading experts expose inefficiencies in markets using sophisticated computerised algorithms
  • With algorithmic trading we say if you can't quantify your edge then you don't have one.


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Consistently Profitable Daytrading Over X Timeframe

Dec 29.2014

Traders are responsible for profits & minimising drawdowns. Being consistent we determine what timeframe we wish to trade.

  • Developing a system we have to determine which timeframe we want to be consistently profitable over.
  • The most important metric in determining consistent profitability is expected profit factor.


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Finding a Daytrading Edge

Dec 19.2014

We demonstrate what an algorithmic trading edge is and the process of finding an edge.

  • Algo trading edge is simply a statistical probability that your trade has a higher expected probability of  working.
  • Most system developer’s biggest error is over optimisation of parameters.


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Quantifying market inefficiency or behaviour beyond randomness

Nov 11.2014

Outline which we follow when developing our winning systems.

  • Algo trading system is a set of rules which seek to best model repeatable non-random behaviour in markets.
  • Define the behaviour, determine the conditions the behaviour persists and then data mine and create code that best fits this non-random behaviour.


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