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Investors love Quant Savvy, only the 'smart money' is using robots.

Humans cannot compete with machines, don't be a dinosaur!

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Create a winning portfolio of systems so as to keep a smooth equity curve and reduce your risk. Synergy Bot performs well in volatile and dull markets. Synergy Bot provides smooth equity curves as it is designed for every market condition and is equally hedged long and short.

Synergy Bot trades positions both long and short. Each position is completely unique and uncorrelated. You might have an existing buy and hold strategy which can be complimented perfectly with a portfolio of daytrading systems.

Quant Savvy gives you unique algorithmic trading strategies to purchase. Synergy Bot is a portfolio of 12 unique uncorrelated systems. We trade on US Emini Futures markets such as: ES, YM, NQ and TF.

Algorithmic Trading Effortless Trading Investments

As financial securities become increasingly complex, new breed of rocket scientists have grown to price these complex mathematical models and enhance them to generate profits and reduce risk. These experts are know as quantitative analysts, or "Quants".Quants are the Goose that laid the golden eggs for Wall Street, once quietly guarded, we are breaking free to equip the retail investors with the same technology and leveling the playing field.


Our Quant Trading experts expose inefficiencies in markets using sophisticated computerised algorithms which generate huge gains for investors. At Quant Savvy we have been successfully trading futures and commodities markets for over a decade. With algorithmic trading we say if you can't quantify your edge then you don't have one. If you can't measure risk then you can't manage your risk. Tips from any human discretionary fund is useless, non-quants cannot differentiate luck from skill.

"All daytrading systems are based on finding a fundamental truth about the market. We define rules which seek best to model repeatable non-random behavior..

Algo trading collects data on order flow and model behavior of other algorithms, once a participant tips one's hand your algo trading strategy takes advantage."

Investors love trend/momentum following but have to wait months to profit. On a day trading level the same market trends exist, your algo trading strategy determine when is the best probability of catching a strong trend.


Algo trading is using proprietary statistical measures to create an edge. Each trade we make has a positive expectancy and edge, we trade with confidence knowing each trade has probability of success heavily in your favour. See our winning daytrading strategy: Synergy Bot


In the financial world a hedge fund manager has all day to watch and analyse markets. Most casual investors don’t have this luxury, they have jobs which keeps them from intensive trading activities. Recent technology has changed all this. Now independent investors and traders can use Algo Trading to take control of all their trading investment needs.

"Using Quant Savvy will allow you to diversify your allocation in terms of strategy and asset classes. "Before this was considered institutional" - but this is becoming mainstream due to algorithmic trading systems."

Hedge funds take billions every year and expect huge percentages of your profits in return for meager results (most funds return less than 3% per year).


Take back control and use your quant trading strategies to create a diversified portfolio. Futures and commodities are typically characterized as "specialty markets", considered too complicated for retail daytrader. Take heart, retail investor, you can profit easily by creating a portfolio using our low cost systems. Don't waste money on an overpriced hedge fund manager, take back control over your money and trust in our proven results.


We have never had a losing year in 10 years trading results. Unlike others we can provide you with actual live trading results including all commissions and slippage. We design our systems for maximum scaleabilty as your account grows so can your position/contract size without diminishing the performance.

12 system portfolio

risk management

day trading only

Trading multiple independent, uncorrelated systems leads to monthly consistency. The systems are weighted equally so the odds of a losing month is rare, odds of losing year is unheard of!

Never experience Fear and Greed. Never average down a losing trade. Risk is predefined before any trade is even placed. Systems calculate the odds on each trade and manage risk based on dynamic data.

Only day trading systems only, means no black swan or worrying about unexpected new overnight. Take advantage of lower margins and increased liquidity. Sleep easily without worrying about some news crisis.

maximum scaleability

live trading results

robot speed

Algo's need max liquidity, hence we trade only futures markets. Clients want to increase position size as profits grow. This would be impossible without being daytrade only where there is max volume and liquidity!

We have live results for our systems and do not rely on backtested data. We do not use amateur stuff like indicators or optimisation as true professionals would never use these lagging tools!

Humans can never react as quick as a machine, algo's make decisions in microseconds & easily execute multiple trades simultaneously. While you are getting ready to click the mouse our systems already in a trade.

multiple markets

small drawdown

high profit factor

Algo systems can trade multiple markets simultaneously without making any mistakes. Without robots it would be impossible to trade 12 different systems at the same time .

Measures amount of risk incurred and Synergy Bot has only 12% drawdown over 10  years. This includes credit crisis of 2008 and is based on $15k starting capital which is a small amount in Futures trading.

The profit per unit of risk. This is most important metric of any system Synergy Bot has profit factor of  2.10. this means for every dollar risked you will make two. This is the optimum way to allocate capital.

see pricing



You can track the day to day live trades via PC/Mac or Tablet or Smart-phone.


We want to make our systems to all Clients whether they have big accounts or small. Hence, we make it affordable to join and we charge relative to account size.

Once you join us our goal is to make you money. We constantly are creating new better systems which we will add to the portfolio with no fee ever!

We only make money if you make money. So we make every effort to ensure we have the best portfolio of systems. We constantly monitor performance everyday.









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